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I am Bingeing

sinxe starting school in january, i have been watching my calories and losing weight, i lost about 25 lbs so far
then about a week and a half ago, i started bingeing

i've been eating loads of packs of those "100 calorie" pack snacks and all the smart ones dessertws, i ate an entire box of weight watchers choc choc chip muffins
eating healthy choice ice cream sandwiches

i know that whats started this is financial troubles, and i am lonely and dont have a support network

the thing is i am studying kinesiology and i want to be a fitness trainer

i weigh 267lbs!
my goal is to lose weight and exercise my ass off, i actually LOVE exercising
but i havent even been going to my exercise classes (except yoga) cause i have just been depressed and after i get off work i've been going home and eating, eating, eating, and being online, get to sleep at like midnight and wake up at like 7am
i am supposed to be in bed at 9pm and wake up at 4:45am so i can go to my morning aerobic class

the problem is the only thing that brings me any joy is tasting that sweet food in my mouth
i was doing so well
tomorrow i am supposed to head back into the gym, in the am, one of my co workers wants me to do the yoga class at 6am tomorrow with her, i am hoping this is the chance for me to get back on track because i hate falling off the wagon
and i am on prozac and everything and its supposed to stabilize my mood, but my financial problems are so large it just makes it hard for me to cope
and i cope by eating
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