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low dopamine

not to be posting a lot or anything, but researchers have found that some people are born with naturally low dopamine (the chemical in the brain that makes u happy and satisfied and not empty). these people are prone to three abuses: abusing food, abusing drugs, and abusing sex. if u are a person suffering from binge eating disorder or bulimia, drug use and abuse, and a seemingly over-active sex drive or promiscuous sex life, u may have a low dopamine level. this is not ur fault, u were born with it, and there is medicine to fix it. so maybe just tell ur family physician that u think u might have low dopamine and that u want to have that checked. im sure they will be more than happy to check it for u, and give u the help u need.

thats all for heres some quick thoughts about getting rid of binging:

when the urge hits. when the walking towards the food starts. when its in ur hands. STOP. say to yourself, "I DO NOT WANT TO BE A BINGER" throw the food away if u cant put it back. get out of your house immediately. remove yourself from the food. call someone u know if need to be on the phone, or just say u need to get out of the house with them. they dont need to know u were having a binge crisis, but stay with them until the urge passes. or be alone outside taking a walk and talking urself out of the binge until it passes. exercise is a natural appetite supressant. use it. as hard and as painful as the need to eat can be (trust me, ive fallen at its feet more times than i can even imagine) deny it. let your feelings out. CRY CRY CRY. think about why u are hurting and try to satisfy your emotional needs with spending time with friends, cleaning ur house or room, running errands, doing projects, reading, surfing the internet, whatever u like to do.

and remember the opposite of depression is expression. express yourself.

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