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I see that I am one of two members of this group. Oh well... it's all good.
My name is Karen, and I have dealt with food issues all my life. Up until age 14, I was a compulsive overeater. I was fat, and I hated myself. I binged, and generally ate way too much. I stole money from my father's wallet to go buy junk food at my elementary school. It was bad. At age 14, I started dieting. I basically went straight from compulsive overeating to anorexic. I lost a whole bunch of weight, and then hit a plateau. I gained twenty pounds back, kept the same weight for a year or so, and then starved my way back down to the plateau and even lower. I am now 17 years old. Easter this year set off the bingeing side of me, and I have been bingeing 3-4 times a week ever since. I gained back six pounds, and I feel horrendous. So then I binge more. It sucks. Might as well throw in some more information... I also self-injure, and have depression and anxiety. So yeah, that's me. I binge to numb myself to pain in life, whether it's self-confidence issues, or just having a bad day. I would like to stop for good, but I just can't seem to. So here I am.
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